Serbian Blockchain Summit 3.0, 4th December, Online

Due to Covid restrictions, the 3rd conference had to be organized as an online exclusive. Regardless of that, the conference recieved a global audience, very interactive sessions and audience hungry for questions. Due to online nature of the event, the number of speakers was reduced.

Speakers and panelists

  • Eileen Zhang, Blockchain Global Strategy Director, Lenovo
  • Dušan Romčević, Senior Counsel, Serbian Securities Commission
  • Aleksandar Matanović, CEO, Electronic Currency District
  • Daniel Dabek, CEO, Safex
  • Ivan Joličić, CEO, Balkan Crypto Exchange
  • Vit Jedlička, President, Free Republic of Liberland
  • Dr Bilal Ijaz, Blockchain Pioneer
  • Nikola Korbar, CEO, Center for Economic Research Belgrade