• Legal Workshop

    tickets available
    • Live attendance
    • Parking*
    • Lunch and coffee breaks
    • Access to all materials
    • Best networking opportunities
  • 100.00
Important notes:
Conference will be held live with a livestream for online attendees. In case of live event restrictions, conference will be held online only. In this case attendees will be refunded the price difference between online and early bird/regular tickets. Attendees that will be using the free parking must clearly indicate that and provide the car details (brand, model, registration number).

Cancellation and refund policy:
Online tickets can be cancelled 1 day prior to conference and refund period is 10 days after the conference. Early bird and regular tickets can be cancelled 4 days prior to the conference. After that they are not eligible for refunds. Refund period is 15 days after the notice.

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