Blockchain goes on!

Serbian biggest blockchain conference is back on track with 4th annual conference bringing together regional and global experts, leaders, thinkers, investors and blockchain enthusiasts.


Serbian Blockchain Summit is organised regularly since 2018. Named CryptoKonf at first, it was rebranded in 2019, giving it its current name.

From its begginings this conference was the meeting hub for all regional blockchain and crypto communities met to discuss new ideas.

This conference is an ideal place for blockchain professionals, regulators, bankers, businessmen, government officials and enthusiasts who want to meet, exchange ideas, find out the latest trends in blockchain and crypto industries or pitch projects to investors.

Conference Features

Serbian Blockchain Summit holds a number of features. Be sure to check them out:

  • Premium Speakers: We provide some of the best regional and international experts for our audience.
  • Panel Discussions: Panel discussions are organised for the hottest current topics so the audience can learn more.
  • Workshops: Themed workshops are best for select audiences who are only interested in specific areas of crypto and blockchain industries.
  • Premium Networking: This is the best place to meet professionals, experts, businessmen, investors, developers, regulators, government officicals...

Areas and Industries

  • Latest trends & updates: Blockchain industry is developing rapidly, and keeping up is getting harder and harder. This is an ideal place to immerse yourself in hottest news of the industry.
  • Regulatory updates: Regulations change over time, especially in the blockchain and cryptocurrency spheres. Be sure to keep up to latest changes - nobody wants to be fined for missing doing things the old way.
  • Accounting & Taxes: The 2nd (if not 1st) most important topic for cryptocurrency adoption for companies is how to handle accounting and taxes when accepting crypto payments. This is ideal place to find out about all the details how to do just that.
  • Hottest products & projects: There are thousands of projects around the world, so its very hard to keep track of them. We select a few promising ones to join us at the conference.